About Us
Hardline Politics has a simple mission; Deliver the truth without confusing it with our own opinions, and distribute that truth at no cost to our reader base.

In today's world of "Fake News" and propaganda delivered across every platform imaginable we decided to do the complete opposite.

Hardline Politics has no agenda. We are not affiliated with any political party, nor media outlet. Our goal is not to convince you of anything, rather the complete opposite. 

We want to convince you of nothing, only deliver the facts of what's truly going on in the World today so that you can make your own choices and form your own opinions. 

In a World so inundated with opinion and propaganda Hardline Politics wishes to be a source of factual information.

Our mission seems to be popular as well, over 1,300,000 Americans subscribe to our daily email newsletters as of January, 2019.

Each day our editorial team collects facts from news outlets around the World, removes the opinion and partisan rhetoric from each one and carefully disseminates only the facts to our readers across every state in the USA. 

People of all races, creeds, and sexual orientation are welcomed and encouraged to join our email newsletter, simply click the Home link you see below to enter your information and gain access to our free daily email newsletter. 

We do not use, or necessarily believe in Social Media due to the vast amount of falsification that takes place on those platforms as can be seen in the actions of those platforms over the last few years. 

Some people ask, "How can you make any money if you have an editorial staff and distribute your newsletter to over 1.3 Million people per day?"

Well, it's simple, we have a very stringent vetting process for advertisers who wish to communicate their message to our readers. If an advertiser passes our vetting process, then and only then they are allowed to sponsor one of our free daily email newsletters. And through those sponsorships we are able to afford to continue distributing the facts to every American who wishes to receive them.

You will never see us ask you for a penny, our mission is to deliver the truth for free to our reader base and we will continue to do that for the foreseeable future.

If you have any questions please use the Contact link below to connect with us directly.